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Most residents who have chosen a home or villa at Superstition Mountain Country Club are from out of the State or from another country.   We know because our company has been here since the day the golf courses and homes were in the planning stages in 1998.


Real Estate Professionals have been one of our key contacts for  bringing prospective buyers, resulting is closed transactions, to our club.  As a result,  we are very generous with our referral fees, providing a minimum of 10% for a referral.


All we ask is that the realtor provide a name and email address, along with permission to use their name as a reference.  We do all of the rest, making arrangements for their referrals to visit us, enjoy a complementary round of golf and tour of the facilities as well as view some of our spectacular homes.


Please email us to let me know if you are interested in referring clients and receiving referral fees upon closing, or call at 480-823-1640.



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