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Dianne Ophelia  Colson JD


Dianne is available anywhere in the United States as an advisor and someone who will coach you through your transaction.   Dianne's years of experience in the legal field and in real estate make her uniquely qualified to assist any buyer, seller, or investor.  She is there for her clients answering questions, providing information and assistance, and making certain a transaction runs smoothly and is being handled properly.    Dianne will find the most qualified local broker to handle the local aspects of your transaction and she will act as an overseer.  You will always have her available to lean on and help you through the process.

The best part is that most often her services are at no cost to you.  Most realtors are willing to pay a referral fee to Dianne for the assistance that she will be rendering.  Your costs are no different,  whether you choose to tap into Dianne's expertise or just rely upon a local agent with limited experience.    If a referral fee is not available,  Dianne's expertise is accessible by way of consultations.    Her fees are $150.00 for 30-minute sessions.  If you are interested in hiring Dianne as an hourly advisor, she will explain the details of how this works in an initial free consultation.


  • The right questions :   Dianne asks the right questions to make your selling experience most successful.  Areas which will be explored include your time frame and how it coincides with the market timing,,   factors impacting the listing and sales price, important details to create the most favorable selling atmosphere,  advisable improvements and repairs, and creating an enticing energy to attract buyers.

  • ALWAYS THERE:    Dianne's  clients are kept up to date with all activity and advised of any issues or concerns which should be addressed.  She is always available to answer your questions and address your concerns.

  • MARKETING EXPERTISE:  Every avenue available to attract buyers is implemented.  Click here to check out all of the marketing tools Dianne utilizes to assure the fastest sale with the most favorable terms.  Full color, professional photo brochures are standard.

  • NEGOTAIONS: Dianne is an expert negotiator, having negotiated hundreds of legal cases, property disputes and real estate transactions.  Her negotiating skills are unparalleled and far in excess of your typical realtor.

  •   CLOSER:  Dianne knows how to get a deal closed.  Invariably common or sometimes, not so common, issues arise.  Dianne knows how to find creative resolutions to solve any problems with may arise prior to closing. 

  • Details: Dianne will explain all of the details  and legal ramifications of all documents with you in to be certain that  you understand every aspect of the transaction. .  She  will be there to make sure all the “I’s” are dotted and the “T’s” crossed.​​



  • INITIAL CONSIDERATIONS:  Dianne  will help you outline  the parameters of your search.   From  affordability, financing options, home styles and amenities, neighborhoods, zoning and HOA issues, to market conditions and timing  A complete strategy is devised based upon your unique needs, desires and affordability.    

  • SHOPPING:  After creating a strategy, viewing of the  home options is fun and exciting . Never tedious or stressful.  Only those homes that are right for you, based upon all considerations and options are considered.  All details will be thoroughly investigated including home's pertinent selling points, floor plans, neighborhood's crime rate, proximity to schools, chopping, cultural activities and work.

  •  NEGOTIATING:  Having years of the highest level of negotiation experience in law and real estate, this phase of the process is comfortable, knowing that the best situation and details will be negotiated on your behalf. 

  • ESCROW:  Dianne is responsible for obtaining disclosures, making sure home inspections and repairs are completed and coordinating the activities of your lender, attorney, roof inspector and other professionals engaged in your purchase.

  • CLOSING:  When it’s time to sign the final closing documents, Dianne will explain all of the details  and legal ramifications with you in to be certain that  you understand every aspect of the transaction. .  She  will be there to make sure all the “I’s” are dotted and the “T’s” crossed.

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